eBusiness Cards

The days of handing out paper business cards are coming to an end. In 2022, the trend will be moving towards having just one card, which can be scanned or tapped, to share and store direct to a customers smartphone.

Wooden business card before adding info
Either scan QR code or tap with your phone
Embedded leather key ring and NFC chip
NFC chip and embedded membership card

Our bespoke wooden business cards can not only be scanned, they can also be tapped with an NFC enabled phone. Each one is custom finished by hand and just like you, each one is unique.

  • Custom finish.

  • No two cards are the same.

  • Made from sustainable material - wood

  • Includes an embedded NFC chip.

  • Includes your unique QR code.

  • No app download required

  • Your details can also be included in a text message.

  • Your details can also be included in an email.

  • Your details can also be added to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Also includes the ability to be added to a home screen.

  • Also includes the ability to be added directly into Contacts.

To see a live business card link, when tapped with NFC (Apple Pay-Google Pay) enabled phone or just scanned. No Apps needed to read or download contact details to a customers phone.

Click here

or scan this QR Code