What is NFC?

Billions of smartphones already use NFC technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and they are a very thin computer chip and are passive in their nature, which means they do not require a constant energy source to perform plus each one contains its own unique ID.

The 'Near Field' energy of a smartphone powers them up and takes the persons phone to a pre set destination, which in our case, is a website URL.

The difference between a QR code and an NFC chip, is that one needs to be scanned and one needs to be tapped, to take you to the exact same result.

An NFC chip removes one step in the process of delivering digital information to a smartphone, without the need to download any Apps. There are currently over 1bn mobile phones that have NFC technology automatically built into them and by mid 2022, this figure will be over 2bn.

QR codes can be easily scammed, as they all look the same, whereas an NFC chip can be programmed to be locked in or they can be programmed to be re used and re set.

They can be used in extreme temperatures on both sides of the scale and our unique custom made NFC stickers have a special layer of Ferrous added to them, which enables them to be attached to a metal surface. Cheaper chips cannot be attached to metal surfaces.

This Ferrous layer acts as a barrier between the chip and the metal, so there is no background disturbance and the cheaper versions can not be used near metal.

All of our added features means that our NFC stickers can be used anywhere from a cool room to outside tables and will still last for 100,000+ taps without any dramas.